Tree-Chopping Technology

There are a total of 26 administrative units within Park Region 4. At any given time, the mulcher can be found at any one of them. Easy transportability is clearly an advantage with shared equipment. “We have a low-boy trailer pulled by a tractor trailer,” says Stout, on transporting the equipment, “and some five-ton trucks with smaller low-boy-type trailers.”

The wood shredder and utility vehicle combination is easy to load onto either of the trailers, transport to the jobsite, then offload, and begin processing. In addition to saving processing time, the easy-to-move equipment also reduces transport time and costs. This has increased the demand for it, leading Stout to begin the process of acquiring a second Bull Hog.

While the ease of movement is certainly a benefit, the #1 advantage is the timesavings over hand labor. A close second, according to Stout, is the elimination of residual waste. “We can even grind stumps to ground level, or below. In a couple of weeks you can go back over the area with a flail or rotary mower, so that it stays under control.” Eliminating labor allows the land to be re-seeded with native vegetation faster and cheaper. This is clearly a winning strategy for this eastern Pennsylvania park district and the residents who enjoy the park’s many amenities.

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