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Costly Decisions

Dear PRB,

Sandra is facing what a lot of us are facing related to historical buildings within the community (PRB June 2010, “Is There A Future For The Past?”). When you state the operational cost is $467,000, the majority of this amount has to be maintenance. The city may elect to close the facility, but lack of maintenance and repairs will deteriorate the historic structure rapidly both inside and outside. If it sits vacant and unmaintained for two, three or four years, the cost to bring this facility back will be enormous and probably unaffordable.

Vern Stiner

Public Services Project Manager


Enjoy The Ride


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed “The Proverbial Driver’s Seat” (PRB July). It was great! It was funny … had a life lesson … well written, and made me laugh out loud.

I am originally from the west side of Cleveland. I’m an old “racetrack girl” (although I did prefer the drag strip). Your article hit home and brought back a lot of memories!

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it!

Susie Hein

Canton, Ohio


A Message To Parents

Hi Fred,

I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your articles in PRB each month. I make copies and distribute them to my coaches or we talk about them at meetings. I just finished the June article about the parents being asked to not attend the last game of the season at the YMCA (“Parental Timeouts”). I think that sent a message to parents. Hopefully, they won’t have to do it again. We’ve never done that. However, we have all attended a day of games [that require] lots of staff presence in the gym.

Jana K Wilson

Firstenburg Community Center

Recreation Specialist

Vancouver, Wash.


Thanks And Praise


I’ve always wondered why we have to wait to hear it from people like you. And then it came to me that you put the truth so smoothly in front of us in your writings. Thank you. I share your writings with all my family, close friends and mainly co-workers with the hope they will get something out of them.

Bernie Rangel

Parks Manager

Lockhart, Texas


Field Notes

Mike Huppert has been promoted from Western Regional Technical Service Manager to Product Manager – Parts & White Goods at Hayward Pool Products.

Bader & Sons will handle all New Golf & Turf Sales for the Buffalo Turbine product line in the state of Michigan, including parts and service using all six of their locations.

Steve Tyler has been promoted to Standard Golf’s newly-created national sales manager position. He has been with the company for almost three decades.

Berkley Fishing has launched a new Web site that gives visitors a tool to explore multiple angling needs. Visit

IMG Academies, a Bradenton, Fla.-based multi-sport training facility, designated the National Collegiate Scouting Association its official recruiting education provider. Under the agreement, students enrolled in IMG Academies’ weekly camps and full-time academy programs will gain access to recruiting tools and expert advice.

ECHO Incorporated, a manufacturer of professional-grade, hand-held outdoor power equipment, has completed a 129,000-square-foot warehouse expansion to accommodate the company’s recent merger with outdoor power equipment manufacturer Shindaiwa Inc.

ValleyCrest Landscape Companies, an integrated landscape services firm, has selected HydroPoint Data Systems as a preferred provider for weather-based irrigation controllers.


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