Harrisburg, Penn.—The National Institute for Play, with support from the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) has published the first round of academic research surrounding the benefits of free play on the newly-created Encyclopedia of Play Science. The encyclopedia establishes the field of play science and is free and open to the public, providing valuable resources for those interested in the science behind the free play movement. Free play is the state in which children combine creative, imaginative and social play in an unstructured environment as in nature or at a local playground. The Encyclopedia is live on Scholarpedia, a wiki-based online encyclopedia housing peer-reviewed academic articles. It is the first-known database of scientific, academic research that demonstrates the scientifically proven benefits of play.


In The Market For A Golf Cart?

Augusta, Ga.—Pre-owned golf cars can be great investments, or they can be rolling money pits.

According to Ray Bentley, director of aftermarket sales and operations at Club Car, most pre-owned golf cars sold by wholesalers and dealers are former fleet electric cars, reconditioned for personal use. This often includes a speed upgrade. “Make sure the car you buy has a maximum speed of 20 mph. Anything over that can lead to legal and safety concerns,” Bentley says.

Additional recommendations:

1. Identify a clear serial number. This reveals the origin of the vehicle and when it was made. If the number has been hidden or removed, the seller may be trying to hide something.

2. Determine the age of the batteries. The batteries are the most expensive components on electric cars. Lift the seat and find the month and year of manufacture. Look for a car with batteries that are no more than two years old. Months are represented by letters, with A for January and L for December. Years are designated by numbers, with 1 standing for 2011, 2 for 2012 and 3 for 2013.

3. Check the batteries. Look for leaks and corrosion and make sure the battery fluid is clean and clear. Inspect the battery cables and ask if the charger shuts off automatically when the batteries are charged. This is a better option than a manual timer.

4. Inspect the body and frame. Look for misuse, rust or body damage. Look underneath the car for welds or other signs of frame damage. If possible, buy a car built on a rustproof aluminum frame.

5. Make sure the vehicle has tail lights, turn signals and other safety gear required for street use.

6. Look for tire wear.

7. If the vehicle has a canopy, make sure it is secure. Shaking the canopy will help determine if something is loose or broken.

8. Test drive the car. Watch for noises and vibrations and test the brakes, acceleration and turning stability.

9. Make sure the vehicle is made by a reputable manufacturer. If it’s not, parts and service can be a problem.


Word On The Web

On “September 11, 2001: Our First Duty Is To Remember” Week-Ender blog:

Thank you for your heartfelt article.

As others, I will always remember the day. I was is West Lafayette, Indiana and of all things setting up our display exhibit for our State of Indiana–Parks & Recreation Association’s Annual State Conference. Small American Flags (purchased at the local Wal-Mart) were provided to each exhibitor and with good old duct tape, these flags were taped to the drapery posts at each exhibitor’s booth. The trade show aisles were lined with American flags; it was a stunning site. This most tragic event brought folks together regardless if you were a salesperson (the “V” word–“Vendor”) or a parks and recreation professional, everyone banded together at our IPRA State Conference—one that many of us will never forget.

Thank you again for your wonderful article.

Dan Downey

Miracle Recreation Sales Representative

————                ————-                —————-

Having had two of my sons serve in Iraq—one a Marine, and the other with the 82nd Airborne—your message resonates loudly in my heart—we must always remember!

Richard Heaton


On “Creating Hurdles” August 23 Week-Ender blog:

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