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BSN SPORTS, a marketer and distributor of sporting-goods equipment and team sports uniforms, has signed a definitive merger agreement with Herff Jones, a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of graduation-related materials and educational products, as well as cheerleading apparel and services.  BSN will continue to operate as its own branded entity.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International has opened a sales and customer service support office in Mexico, located in Villahermosa, Tabasco. With an aggressive investment strategy in infrastructure and staff, Vortex is positioning itself for growth to support the municipal and commercial sectors in this key NAFTA partner.

The Synthetic Turf Council published its technical guidelines that provide objective measures that make it possible to better understand the professional guidelines and test protocols, the selection use and maintenance of synthetic turf systems and the crumb rubber infill used in synthetic turf fields. To access the entire document, visit

Congratulations to Echo Incorporated for being awarded a gold Effie Award in May for their “Curing B.S. Fatigue/Get Serious” Campaign. The company was given the top honor in the Household Supplies & Services category for successfully using television, online, print and social media to reach its target demographic and drive sales.


Word On The Web

On “Founding Principles” May 24 Week-Ender:

Thanks for your article in the electronic version of PRB. It’s easy to get discouraged and start believing that most of our representatives are self-serving pathological liars. It’s good to remember that regardless of the circus that is today’s Washington D.C., there are still a lot of good people around us with solid values and a commitment to act with integrity. Thank you for the encouragement!

Jeffrey D. Brians, PE


Blair, Church & Flynn

Clovis, Calif.

—————                  ————                     ——————–

I look forward to receiving the PRB Week-Ender each week. Your “Founding Principles” editorial really hit home.  Not only did I grow up on a small Wisconsin farm, but my first real “job” was thrashing oats! What reminded me of that time of my life was your reference to integrity. The neighborhood farmers that “shared” the thrashing machine never kept track of hours spent to make sure that the rest of the crew spent the same amount of time at their place. It was just a given fact; you worked at one farm until finished and then moved onto the next to repeat the business at hand, and so on. Thank God there are still a few “Buds” in the world. My question is, how do we convince them to leave the farm for Washington?

Vern Fowler

Divisional Sales Manager

Baraboo, Wis.

McArthur Towel & Sports


On “Knowledge Is Power” May 31 Week-Ender:

It is a great idea to share in all facets of recreation while we have the personnel who have years of that hard-earned experience still in our ranks. The staff coming up behind really do need the encouragement and benefits of the tried-and-true methods that senior staff have to contribute. Share!


John Deere Introduces GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards

John Deere has launched the GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards program to offer benefits to devoted customers. The program is offered to customers who purchase at least two qualified John Deere products. Program members are entitled to a number of benefits, including discounts, incentives, financing and promotions. Customers who purchase at least two machines are automatically enrolled in the program and will receive program benefits for two years. To learn more, visit


Bobcat Company Breaks Ground On Expansion

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