A Slap On The Forehead


I just finished reading this month’s article—Teaching Toughness (April 2013)—and, as usual, you hit the nail on the head. I wanted to share a term that my father always used, “The Curse of the Competent.” When hard-working employees reach that highest point of contribution—they are pigeon-holed, bored, complacent … We get stuck doing the same tasks over and don’t get the chance to shine any longer.

Thanks for the monthly “slap on the forehead.” I appreciate it.


Sue Donohue Smith

Associate Director, University of Arkansas Student Union

(Formerly of the Seattle Parks Department)


Delayed Reaction

Awesome article. (“Choose Your Moment,” January 2010). I cut it out and try to read it occasionally.

–Robert Levine


Thumbing Facebook


I enjoyed reading your “Successful Communication” (March 2013). Nice job on that.

It is also refreshing that you are not on Facebook.

Jackie Gleason

Grosse Pointe (Mich.) Park Parks & Recreation

Marina Supervisor




17-20 Nevada Recreation and Park Society Conference, Incline Village, Nev. at Lake Tahoe;

24-27 Minnesota Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference, Brooklyn Center, Minn.—Earle Brown Heritage Center;

25-27 Colorado Parks & Recreation Association, Vail, Colo.


1-3 West Virginia Recreation and Parks Association Conference, Twin Falls State Park;

8-10 National Recreation and Parks Association National Congress, Houston, Texas

16-18 10th Annual World Aquatic Health Conference, Indianapolis, Ind.—Hyatt Regency Downtown;

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