Routing Responders To An Emergency  

Those who use trails and pathways regularly may know their way around, but would they be able to pinpoint their location during an emergency?

911 trail-marking systems like the one in Lenexa, Kan., are becoming more popular to assist in directing emergency personnel to a particular location.

With the help of Eagle Scout David Urban, Lenexa parks, police, fire and GIS staff devised a mapping and marking system that uses GIS information to enable trail users to report the location of an emergency.

Partnering with Mid-America Regional Council, the city tested the system in a select area before expanding its reach. The signs have already helped responders locate people with injuries and medical emergencies.

The system calls for strategically placed signs along trails. The signs are marked as “9-1-1 Locations,” and each bears a unique alpha-numeric address designating the position on the trail. Each address includes pre-established information such as access onto the trail, narrow bridges, all-terrain vehicle access, and other information this is helpful to responding emergency personnel.

The city has expanded the program to include nearby county parks and neighboring cities. Each community that implements the program will use similar signs so they are easy to identify.  The corresponding jurisdiction’s logo is included to help people determine when they’ve crossed into a new jurisdiction.

In addition to assisting in emergency situations, it is believed that the trail signs deter potential problems on trails when individuals know that immediate access is available and areas are closely monitored.

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To accommodate for its continued growth, UV disinfection specialist Aquionics has moved to a new location in Erlanger, Ky. The new facility allows the company to complete more of its manufacturing in-house.

Christopher Sawyer has been appointed to Mission Development Specialist for the National Swimming Pool Foundation. He was hired to assist with the foundation’s efforts to foster education, empowering and elevating more aquatic professionals across the United States.

The Play and Playground News Center has added a new feature to its website–columnists. Check it out at

Johnson Outdoors Gear (JOG) and Watercraft divisions appointed Paul Johnson to senior director of sales, JOG and Watercraft; Chris Lussier to senior regional/international sales manager for JOG/Jetboil; Gregg Gunderman to eastern regional sales manager for Watercraft and Jeff Cunningham to western regional sales manager for Watercraft and JOG/Jetboil key accounts.

BSN Sports, a sporting goods distributor, acquired Arlington, Mass.-based Holovak & Coughlin, an independent sporting-goods team distributor.

Congratulations to PlayCore for being awarded the Champion of the Community Award by the California Park & Recreation Society. The company received the award for Building Communities through Play, Recreation, and Service.

Turface Athletics launched a new expanded online video library at The free online video library boasts more than a dozen video segments intended to educate sports field managers at any level of play on the latest maintenance and renovation techniques for ball fields and sports turf.

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On “What’s Your Style?” (by Steve Yeskulsky, PRB April 2011)

“Very interesting read. A couple leaders I work with come to mind. I think if asked them which category THEY think they fall into, it may differ from where their employees would put them!”

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