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I was just reading the October 2012 PRB issue when I came across the Best in Special Events article. We have a few events going on here that I thought would be great in that article:

Harry Potter School’s Out Day

We run a one-day day-camp style program on a day when kids are out of school. The activity center is decorated to look like a castle. Staff members and participants dress up as their favorite Harry Potter characters. The kids enter through a painted sheet that looks like bricks with a slit in as if they were running through a platform. There is a sorting hat to sort kids into houses (groups). They choose and decorate wands, conduct chemistry experiments (ahem, magic potions), play Quidditch, and so much more.

Zombie Run: Evolution Of The Fun Run

Not just the same old boring 5k—there’s zombies along the way. The event is a plot-driven run at dusk. Small groups of “survivors” are led by military volunteer guides to various checkpoints. Racers do not know where they’re running, but will follow the guides and maps to the next location. Each location has a scene/plot point that helps drive the story. Racers get belts with flag football flags. Zombies strategically sprinkled throughout the course try to remove the flags. A racer that finishes the course with flags intact is a “survivor.” Those who lose the flags finish as an infected racer. One of the sponsors is a local college radio station that broadcasts live zombie news throughout the day (think Orson Welles, “War of the Worlds”). A post-race party include an outdoor zombie movie, games, zombie fashion walk, a Thriller dance, zombie food and more.

Hsiung Marler

Youth Sports Coordinator

Champaign Park District

Champaign, Ill.


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abrackin Amy Brackin

@prb_mag Of course! Great stuff. Let us know if you ever need an article on loose fill or pour-in-place for playgrounds!

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Feelgood Foods Stir Memories

I wanted to let you know that I just read your article in PRB Week-Ender and that I enjoyed it immensely (Food, Glorious Food! Dec. 7). Although I may not be as purebred Italian as you, I do have very deep Italian roots on my father’s side. Your descriptions literally brought a tear to my eye as I think about my childhood and Grandmother Glorioso’s home in Lorain, Ohio. Ah, the wonderful smells that were always present! I hope that someday my own children have similar memories. I appreciate you sharing in your article.

David A. Glorioso

iZone, National Sales Manager

Temple, Texas

————- ————- ———

I really enjoyed your PRB Week-Ender article. It really helped bring things to prospective and to remind us that we need to stop and give thanks for all our blessings—especially family.

Angela Farber

St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation

Gladden Park Recreation Center Supervisor II

St. Petersburg, Fla.

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In Memoriam

Jeffrey D. Kuller, 56, of Camden, Maine, died unexpectedly at his home in Camden on Nov. 4, 2012. Culler was the director of the Camden Parks and Recreation.


ParknPool Makes Game Day Deadline

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