PlayCore Holdings, Inc., a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of a broad range of play and recreation products, has acquired Colorado Time Systems, which provides athletic venues with timing, scoring, and display systems.

SolarBee and GridBee, brands of water-circulation systems for potable water, wastewater and raw water reservoirs, will now be marketed under the name of the parent company, Medora Corporation, to encompass expanded product offerings.


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Great Outdoors Colo


Looking for a park in your area? Visit@ParksNReviews website at for their GREAT database!


On “Empty Sacks,” July 20 Week-Ender blog post:


I’ve been reading and enjoying your writings in PRB for a while now, but a side note in your recent “Empty Sacks” column caught my eye and made me laugh at the small coincidences in life. You mentioned reading the AP wire at the BGSU radio station your freshman year. I went running to your LinkedIn page to see when that was, but we missed each other in the timing. If you did that your senior year, in 1982-83, you would have been reading my scribbles. I wrote sports for the AP radio wires for 23 years starting in 1982, and now I learn I’m reading material from someone who may have been reading my writs back in those days of papyrus from machines that were as loud as a KISS concert. I love those tweaks in life and thought you’d enjoy a little feedback.

Dave Ochs

Manager, Stewardship Communications

Resource Management Division

Fairfax County Park Authority (Va.)

—————————                                      —————————–

Nice, Ron. Keep up the good work. You’re a good read. I hope you consider putting some of your stories into book form. It might even sell!

Steve Trauger, Recreation Programs Coordinator

Kenton County Parks & Recreation

Independence, Ken.

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Boost Recycling and Sustainability Efforts

Baltimore, Md.—Looking for a way to increase recycling rates in neighborhood parks and recreation facilities? Communities across the country are taking advantage of the ability of Fan Cans to attract fan attention, which not only increases waste and recycling collection, but also enables local, regional and national sponsors to support their communities and promote sustainability initiatives on a local level.

The product line includes 45-gallon recycling and waste receptacles in customizable colors and logos with baseball batter, football, and motorsports helmet lids. Fan Cans utilize up to 50 percent post-consumer and industrial plastic, and all Fan Cans are 100 percent recyclable at the manufacturer at the end of their life cycle.

For more information, visit




5-9 Wisconsin Parks and Recreation Association Annual Conference, Chula Vista, Wis.;

19-20 Connecticut Recreation and Parks Association Annual Tradeshow and Conference, Montville, Conn.–Mohegan Sun Casino;



 15-19 STMA Conference and Exhibition, Daytona Beach, Fla.–Daytona Beach Convention Center;


4-6 Southeast Pool & Spa Show, Atlanta, Ga.—Cobb Galleria Centre;

25-27 Ohio Parks & Recreation Association Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio;


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