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Want to know how to choose a pair of binoculars? Ford a stream? Pack a backpack? Check out the American Hiking Society’s Hiking Resources Center for all sorts of hiking info, tips, and how-to’s. Download, print, or share articles on social media with other hikers, Scout troops, hiking clubs, park visitor centers, etc. For more information, visit


Design Guide Gets An Upgrade

Lewisburg, Penn.—Playworld Systems, a manufacturer of playground and fitness equipment, has updated its Inclusive Play Design Guide to include feedback from the community as well as industry influencers. The only guide of its kind, the nearly 70-page document provides detailed insight into creating playgrounds that enable children and adults of all abilities to play side-by-side. Download a free copy at


NSPF Apps Available 

Colorado Springs, Colo.–Two service apps from the National Swimming Pool Foundation are available for download—the Pool Chemical Dosing App and the Saturation Index App.

  • The Chemical Dosing App ($3.99) makes chemical dosing easier, faster, more accurate and safer for pool technicians, facility managers, water treatment managers and home pool and spa owners.
  • The Saturation Index App ($2.99) provides all the tools needed to achieve properly balanced water. It incorporates the five balance factors—pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, temperature, and total dissolved solids.

To purchase these apps, visit iTunes or the Google Play Store and search for National Swimming Pool Foundation, NSPF or the App name.


Second Edition Of Turf Manual Debuts

Guelph, ON – The Sports Turf Association has published the second edition of its Athletic Field Construction Manual, a staple reference for those in the sports turf industry. The manual, written by Dr. R.W. Sheard in conjunction with an editorial committee of professionals, brings uniformity to the construction of grass athletic fields. The opening pages have been restructured to improve readability. Classifications based on the root zone material for categories three and four have been more adequately defined, as have the tolerances for grade control and depth of the stone layer and root zone material. For more information, visit


STC Creates Funding Strategies Toolkit

Atlanta, Ga.—Recognizing that raising funds for synthetic turf fields has become more challenging in light of the economic conditions of the past few years, the Synthetic Turf Council has created a new Funding Strategies Toolkit for prospective buyers. Content includes educational materials, fundraising ideas, tips on gaining community support and overall recommendations for bringing synthetic turf to one’s school and community. The packet is available as a free download at


Field Notes

The Brouwer Company is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The company is known for manufacturing its landmark sod harvester that cuts sod, transfers it onto a conveyor, rolls it and puts the rolls on a pallet—all in one operation

Barbara Zakrzewski retired after more than 33 years in the parks and recreation profession. She most recently held the position of recreation supervisor for the New Britain Parks and Recreation Department in Connecticut.

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