Fond Du Lac, Wis.—The City of Stronsville, Ohio, was the grand-prize winner of a contest held earlier this year by BCI Burke. The playground is from Burke’s new Voltage line, which features eight play events with a capacity for 48 kids ages 5 to 12 and is valued at more than $21,000. For more information, visit


Lyon Launches New Catalog

Lyon Workspace Products recently launched a new version of their Modular Drawer Cabinet (MDC) product catalog. Lyon offers a complete line of high-density storage cabinets and accessories that provide the maximum use of cubic space. For more information, visit


Rain Bird Unveils Irrigation Training

Tucson, Ariz.–Rain Bird Services Corporation announces the launch of its 2011-2012 Rain Bird Academy training season with more than 70 classes and workshops scheduled across the country. Irrigation and green industry professionals interested in enhancing their irrigation skills and knowledge can now choose from a new selection of Rain Bird Academy training events including general irrigation, new to irrigation, golf and central control classes. For more information, visit or call 1-800-498-1942.


Bocce Anyone?

Park officials looking to provide seniors with outdoor activities should consider Bocce Ball–one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities in the U.S. Perfect Turf LLC used PerfectBocce 125 to create synthetic turf Bocce Courts for Glenview Park District and Vernon Hills Park District in Illinois in 2010 and 2011. To learn more, call 888-796-8873, or visit


Word On The Web

On “Stop and Smell The Roses,” August 17 Week-Ender blog post:

That makes me want to go on a road trip! My Dad called it ‘snousin.’ You would take off in the general direction that you want to end up, taking whatever country road seemed to head in that direction. Except for getting carsick, those trips through the N.C. mountains are the greatest memories of my childhood. I guess I know where my sense of adventure came from.

–Renee Lawson

On “Don’t Think You Are Bulletproof,” August 2 Week-Ender blog post:

The old-style managers who cared about their people and cultivated loyalty are being pushed aside. It is truly a different world and not for the better. I watched almost our entire staff being privatized and people with 20 to 30 years, very loyal and hard-working people, being cast aside with no more thought than someone dropping a Kleenex into a trash can.

Gary, Birmingham

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1-3 National Recreation and Park Association Congress and Exposition, Atlanta, Ga.—

1-4 Wisconsin Parks and Recreation Association Annual Conference, Green Bay, Wis.—KI Convention Center (Hotel Sierra);

8-11 Certified Playground Safety Institute, North Kansas City, Mo.; Gary Gates, or 636-3828; More information at

21-22 Connecticut Parks and Recreation Annual Conference, Montville, Conn.–Mohegan Sun;


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