Take Notice Of The Tagline

I enjoyed reading the “Long-Winded Debate” in the July issue of PRB. What really caught my eye was the [title of the column] LBWA–Leadership By Wandering Around. I really like this tag and I have the same philosophy in my managing techniques but have not named it, so I am asking permission to use your tag line—it’s catchy and I think it represents me well and I would like to use it from time to time in presentations.

Laura Allan

Recreation Coordinator

North Battleford, Saskatchewan


Life Antennae Makes Waves

I just read your article in PRB, and I just cried and cried and cried (“Tune Into Life,” July 2011).

Thank you, it was a different kind of crying than I sometimes do at work.


Angela Kamm

Isla Vista Recreation & Park District

Isla Vista, Calif.

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Enjoy your writings. The July issue is me–41 years and still in love with the job–but know it will end!!

Harold Rainwater

Asbury University

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Thank you for your insightful article, “Tune Into Life.” It’s very touching.

You could probably turn it into a short story or book.

I coordinate a transportation program for seniors, teach meditation at a parks and recreation facility, and teach job search for people who have been laid off at a career transitions firm–so the different stages of life people are in hit me on a number of different levels.


Mary Bruns

Lafayette, Calif.


Field Notes

Ameristar Fence Products recently acquired the assets of ATG Access Inc. (Lillington, NC), a subsidiary of ATG Access Ltd. based in Merseyside, England. Among these assets are bollards, wedges, crash beam and other products that Ameristar will distribute in North America.

Neptune-Benson, manufacturer of filtration equipment, recirculation systems and aquatic accessories, has entered into a partnership with Audax Group, a leading investor in middle market companies with offices in Boston and New York.

John Evans, Senior Vice President of Gold Medal Products Co., took over the helm of the National Association of Concessionaires (NAC). Evans was inducted for his two-year term as president at the national convention in July.

Dr. John A. A. Thomson, inventor of vitamins-hormones solution SUPERthrive, celebrates his 100th birthday November 23, 2011. Thomson developed the SUPERthrive formula in 1939 and founded Vitamin Institute to market and sell it.

Henke Manufacturing took to the road to find a unique and informative way to let their dealers and customers take a look at the latest Parallel Lift snow plow design. In order to see this plow in action, contact Henke Manufacturing, or your Henke dealer, to learn when the road show will be in your area.

Aquatic Development Group, Inc. was the winner of the best of aquatics contest hosted by Aquatics International for the Gaylord, a western-themed 10-acre resort located in Grapevine, Texas.


BCI Burke Announces Contest Winner

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