Field Notes

The New Ulm Parks and Recreation Department’s playground at North Market Park has been named a recipient of the 2010 Award of Excellence by the Minnesota Recreation and Park Association. The playground was awarded to the district by BCI Burke during a giveaway contest.

National non-profit KaBOOM! announces Playgrounds!, a free iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app is available to find and rate playgrounds across the nation.

The Synthetic Turf Council unveils Synthetic Turf 360⁰, A Guide for Today’s Synthetic Turf to showcase the uses and benefits of synthetic turf. Available for download without charge, it is the first comprehensive, annotated tool of its kind in the industry.

ParknPool announces its partnership with Vision Financial Group, now enabling the supplier of commercial site amenities to provide leasing options to its clients.

Sport Supply Group Inc. combined its athletic catalog and field sales operations under the Company’s flagship BSN SPORTS brand. The company will change its corporate name from Sport Supply Group to BSN SPORTS on December 31, 2011.


A Sub And A Smile

Subway is sponsoring a free community outreach program as part of a national goodwill publicity campaign. A volunteer doctor who specializes in nutrition and stress management will come on-site to your company and give a 30-minute presentation during a complimentary catered Subway breakfast or lunch. Register at to be contacted by an event coordinator.


BCI Burke Enhances Green Practices

Fond Du Lac, Wis.–In conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership, BCI Burke has boosted the commitment to acquire energy from wind and other renewable sources to offset approximately 20 percent of electrical usage, up from the previous 12 percent. Burke purchases wind energy through Alliant Energy’s Second Nature Program and is the only commercial playground manufacturer to participate in the EPA partnership. For more information, visit


Oklahoma State University Releases Two New Bermudagrasses

Stillwater, Okla.–Oklahoma State University has developed and released two new bermudagrass varieties–Northbridge and Latitude 36. Both grasses are sterile hybrids with exceptional cold tolerance. They are good choices for home lawns, parks and golf/sports applications from the southern United States to areas north of the transition zone. The grasses should be commercially available in 2012.


Word on the Web

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On “Saying Goodbye To A Faithful Friend,” July 8 Week-Ender blog post:

Hi Ron,

I have always had dogs…some variation of a black lab or shepherd rescued from shelters or neglected ones from backyards. A few months ago, I also had to make the last trip to the vet on a rainy November day all by myself with just Zeus as my passenger. It has been a hard year for our family, but Zeus was always my rock, and putting him down was devastating. Ten days ago, we visited the shelter and found a black lab named Gunner that is 1 to 2 years old. He was quietly sitting in his cage, but I could not walk past him despite all the other dogs that begged for attention. We adopted him that day despite being told he was “problematic” and this was his second trip to the pound, and he had separation anxiety and hated being alone. No matter how much I have always loved my other “boys,” there always seems to be another that needs us–or is it the other way around?

Sheila M. Wartluft

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