Manassas, Va.–The Prince William County Park Authority Board has awarded Billy Casper Golf, LLC., a five year contract to manage the authority’s three 18-hole golf courses. In a unanimous decision, Billy Casper Golf will take over management, including all customer service.


Make A Pledge To Public Lands

The 17th annual National Public Lands Day (NPLD), which celebrates public lands with service projects, will be on September 24, 2011. Last year, 170,000 volunteers participated at over 2,000 locations on projects that ranged from picking up trash to creating new trails. In addition to it being a fee-free day in many federally managed lands, volunteers are rewarded with coupons for free entry into their favorite federal public land areas that have entrance fees. For more information, visit


Pleasing The Public

There is now more to consider regarding public restrooms than just providing a place for a quick “pit stop.” Through the last ten years, the public has developed new concerns while visiting a restroom:

• It should be well maintained and clean. Odor, litter, empty towel dispensers and poor cleaning are among the most common complaints from the public restroom visitor.

• Not touching anything is “In.” It’s fairly common knowledge that most visitors will try to avoid touching anything while in a public restroom. The fear of leaving the restroom with new germs is very strong–even to the point that many will kick the toilet flush valve handle or use a paper towel to grasp the door handle on the way out.

• Environmental Awareness. Americans are becoming more environmentally aware. “Green” is important. Appreciating that their parks and recreation department is a “Good Steward” of the environment is important to many.

Information provided by Vince Newton, owner of Commercial Restroom Products.


Field Notes

Gold Medal Products is celebrating its 80th anniversary. The company manufactures concession equipment and flavors and distributes them—and other concession supplies—worldwide from its Cincinnati, Ohio, location.

The International Swimming Hall of Fame conferred the 2011 G. Harold Martin Award to Robert (Bob) Ogoreuc, president of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. The award is given annually to an individual who exemplifies “long and exceptional leadership, insight and dedication to the water safety of children and the cause of making every child a swimmer.


Community Takes Notice

To keep residents coming back, put the message out that you are open for business. Even if they can’t remember where they “heard that name before,” they will stop and take notice the more they hear about your organization. Here are a few ways to kick up your presence in the community:

1. Create a photo-sharing page. Families can upload their photographs on your website or Facebook. Everyone loves to brag and it will introduce their friends to you.

2. Use the power of direct mail. People still look forward to getting mail and set aside time to review it. It’s also more likely to be delivered than e-mails that require exact addresses and can be caught in spam filters.

3. Drive traffic effectively. Social media was made for opt-in, “friend-only” items like coupons or promotions. Don’t forget to include offers and your social media sites on ads, too.

4. Brand your business. Create fun take-home snacks or trinkets with your name and website. You can easily use existing concession machines to create tasty treats and store them in personalized containers.

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