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On “The Obligation of Assimilation,” Feb. 18 Week-Ender blog post:

“Well written. Anyone who has been to Egypt could pretty much tell the place was close to a crisis. With thousands of unemployed young men loitering everywhere with nothing but time on their hands something like this was bound to happen.

Ed Farnan

Irish Central

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Hi Ron,

All I can say is bravo! My dad and his family came to America from Germany before WWII and they were so proud to be here that my grandmother sold U.S. war bonds even though we were fighting her home country. My grandfather went to college here with a German/English dictionary at his side and still got straight A’s. No complaining–only gratitude. Great article.

Heidi Stelmach

Manager, EarthWords Nature Shops

CanalWay Center

Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio


On “On Bridge The Gap Between You And The Next Guy,” April 1 Week-Ender Blog post:

That was a fabulous article. It’s Monday afternoon and I’m taking my lunch break catching up on some of last week’s e-mails. Thanks for a thought provoking-article that will get me thinking again and again.

P.S. Facebook is over rated. I’m on it, but it has not changed my life and I could live without it! Stick strong and do not get sucked in!

Karen L Johnston

Pullman Aquatic & Fitness Center

Pullman, Wash.

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Building A Path

Your article really brings the message back to the character development and life lessons that are introduced through sports (“A Rewarding Experience,” PRB February 2011). For many in Quiche (Guatemala), this is the only opportunity to escape from drugs and violence. As an avid participant throughout my childhood, I know the lessons that I learned both on and off the field have shaped who I am today. I’m excited because for the first time since college, I’ll have the opportunity to pass on my passion for lacrosse as a volunteer coach for a local area team. Thanks for sharing your experience and reminding coaches just how important their role is.

Margaux Viola

Boulder, Colorado

Development Manager, TeamSnap

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Mr. Engh,

I just read your article. I wanted to thank you for reminding me how important my job is as athletic programmer for the city of Bristol Parks and Recreation. We just finished up our elementary school basketball program and through the three-month season, there were frustrating moments, but there were more moments of satisfaction.

Regarding the resolution that the United Nations passed, I was wondering if there is something parks and recreation departments can do to help. Right now we have about 200 reversible basketball jerseys that are just sitting in a box.

Sandra Cole

Athletic Programmer

Bristol, Tenn.

Note: The National Alliance for Youth Sports collects sports equipment to ship to underprivileged children around the world through its Global Gear Drive program. For more information on donating, call (800) 729-2057 or email


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