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Word On The Web

On “Then And Now,” April 15 Week-Ender Blog post:

To: Ron Ciancutti

From: Mary Jo Riley

Subject: Thank you

I think that is all that needs to be said about your article.

Mary Jo Riley

Groton Parks & Recreation

Groton, Conn.

————————– —————————— —————————–

Thanks, Ron, for the excellent “Then And Now” post in the Week-Ender.” Right on!

Diana Hall

Indianapolis Parks Board Member

————————– —————————— —————————–

Ron Ciancutti’s political comment, “Then and Now”… has no bearing on nor any relevance to the field of Parks and Recreation; such comments have no place in this magazine and should be discontinued … it does the magazine a disservice.

Jay Pearson

McMinnville, Ore.


On “Start A Recreation Road Show,” Feb. 11 blog post:


I read your “Week-ender” about starting a Recreation Road Show. I also downloaded the PowerPoint that you created about your recreation and library services and plan on using it in class. I am a professor at Northwest Missouri State University and this information will be great to share with students in our senior-level administration class.

Jeff Ferguson

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In Memoriam

Julian R. Walker, 82, of Decatur, Ala., passed away April 9, 2011. He served as Executive Director of Point Mallard for a quarter of a century and as the Director for Decatur Parks and Recreation for three decades.


Red Cross Programs ‘Go Digital’

Washington, D.C.–The American Red Cross announces the launch of the next generation of health and safety training which features a two-year certification for first aid and CPR training, the option of digital or print course materials, more hands-on skill practice and an online learning center that allows individuals to register for courses and instructors to manage course records and print certificates. Training is available through classroom, online and blended learning options. The Red Cross also offers organizations the choice to train employees onsite, at a Red Cross chapter, or through a train-the-trainer model. For more information, visit or contact your local Red Cross chapter.

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