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Hi Ron,

I just had the opportunity to read your article, “A Plea to Parents,” in PRB (January 2011). I just want to tell you what an excellent article you wrote and wish every parent could read. As a parent of three boys and a high-school varsity hockey coach, I couldn’t agree with you more. Kids today need to be involved with additional activities besides school or they find other opportunities to occupy their time, some of which are the wrong choices. I have seen this firsthand with kids who have played for me and decided to pursue “other interests” besides hockey. Your article definitely hits it on the head.


Keith Gorczyca

Superintendent of Parks and Planning

Streamwood Park District

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You are absolutely right on target! Everyone needs to “belong” to something worthwhile. I have been coaching swimming for over 40 years and have seen this year after year. Kids need to feel accepted and be recognized for their accomplishments and efforts, regardless of their competitive level. It is such a shame more parents and coaches won’t read your article. However, I will pass it on to our coaching staff of 15 and will encourage them to interact more with each and every swimmer and parent. Perhaps we can be more of a positive influence in their families.


Dave Kienlen

Fife, Wash.


Grateful For Life’s Gifts


I enjoyed your article in PRB!

I also had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Col. Sanders about 36 or 37 years ago. I was a young parks and rec person and served as president of a local day care. He came from Louisville and gave our struggling program a whopping amount for the time–$5,000! I had the opportunity to have dinner with him and reading your story reminded me of that night. Yes, he enjoyed making the money and talked of those days in Corbin and Nicholasville from back in the 1930s to the 1950s.

Thanks for a simple pleasure–a memory.

Harold Rainwater

Asbury University

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I just read your article “Simple Pleasures” in PRB (February 2010). I think most of us take our simple pleasures that we have at home for granted and don’t realize how good we really do have it. You do a good job of placing it all in perspective. I especially like your explanation how the rich and famous do not have an opportunity to celebrate simple things. It’s a good, inspiring read.

Michael Hecker


City of Mason Parks & Recreation Department

Mason, Ohio


10 Essentials To Bring On Every Hike

In honor of National Trails Day on June 4, the American Hiking Society reminds nature lovers to bring the basics on hiking trips, including:

1. Map and compass/GPS

2. Whistle

3. Extra water

4. Extra food

5. Raingear and extra clothing

6. Firestarter and spare matches

7. First-aid kit

8. Knife or multi-purpose tool.

9. Flashlight and extra batteries

10. Sunscreen and sunglasses.


Field Notes

Hayward Pool Products announces that Jim Weaks has been named senior vice president of sales and marketing. In this newly-created position, Weaks will have leadership responsibilities for the pool division’s domestic sales and marketing efforts.

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