VOC-Free Brite Stripe Earns EPA Recognition

Cleveland, Ohio–Pioneer Athletics announces that its Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency with the first “Design for the Environment” designation for field-marking paint. Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and includes more readily biodegradable components than before. Intensive ingredient research contributed to formulation breakthroughs that help relieve environmental stress and improve field surface health. For more information, call (216) 671-5500, or visit

PBI/Gordon Mourns Loss Of Team Member

Kansas City, Mo.–Richard Dennis, Territory Representative for PBI/Gordon Corporation, passed away January 3, 2009 at age 59. Richard serviced PBI/Gordon’s professional turf, agricultural and ornamental customers in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Hawaii since 2000. Richard had 30 plus years of experience in the agricultural and turf and ornamental industries in both New England and the west.

Richard is survived by his wife Donna, of 38 years, daughter Kristie, son Jeff and daughter-in-law Juli, parents Wallace and Evelyn Dennis, brother Allan and sister-in-law Carol and in-laws Pearle and Dana Merrell.


Greens Open A Can Of Worms

Mr. Ciancutti,

Good afternoon. I just received my latest issue of PRB. Bravo to your latest column, “Be Sure to Eat Your Greens” (December 2008). I have read many fine articles in the 39 years I’ve been alive but have never felt the need to get in touch with the writer of an article until now. You are right on target with your thoughts about people interpreting a week and labels for people. We should all be thankful that we have our health, jobs, family’s, etc. to be with every day of the week and not just celebrate Saturday and Sunday.

I’ve been in the recreation business for about a year and a half and have never been happier to get up each day go to my job. Prior to this, I was in the television news business for 14 years. Working in mid-size markets most of my career the turnover was high, with reporters, anchors, producers, directors, etc. all looking to move onto a larger market and the big payday.

One thing I always told those people before they walked out the door and on to the next big thing was, “Have fun. In whatever job you are going to, have fun.” By that I meant that they should enjoy what they are doing every day of the week, not just the weekend. Your line, “do we really want to dread and shove five days aside every week to get to where there are just two?” That’s a great way to think about things. Why enjoy only the two days when you’re not working when every day can be just as enjoyable? I try to live by that. I truly feel fortunate to live in a great community, have a wonderful job that challenges me and makes me think every day, and have a wonderful family that supports what I do.

Additionally, the label for husband is right on target. I’m sure you’ve never considered writing for Hallmark but if they had more cards that were written similarly to what you wrote for your husband label, I think more men would buy cards.

I plan on sharing your article with people I know that are not in the recreation business and hopefully more people will benefit from your wise words. And rest assured–I always save room for dessert.


Josh Milton


City of Glens Falls Recreation Department

New York

——————– ——————- ———————- ——————–

Dear Ron,

Just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed the “Be Sure To Eat Your Greens” article in PRB (December 2008). It’s all so true. Thank you.

Gay Kilgore

City Secretary

Little River-Academy, Texas


Singing Ciancutti Praises


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