Peaceful Play Includes Children Of All Abilities

Rockville, Md.–By the time Mattie T. J. Stepanek passed away shortly before his fourteenth birthday, he had already authored many books and had become a symbol of peace. He was known by way of Larry King and Oprah Winfrey, who celebrated his life with appearances on their TV shows, and Jimmy Carter with whom he authored his final book on his dearest subject, Just Peace. Bankshot Sports are all about teaching peace through play.

Participants don’t play against one another and try to beat one another, although there is plenty of room for competition. Bankshot Sports are total-mix sports based on universal design. There is no offense and defense. A participant in a wheelchair is not at a disadvantage.

King Farm Park, built in honor of Mattie Stepanek, includes football, softball and tennis playfields, a playground and a Bankshot playcourt. The playcourts are ideal for drop-in participation for seniors, multi-generational players, and the differently-able including many wheelchair users. It’s a game symbolic of Mattie Stepanek, who took small steps from station to station in the direction of peace.


Pike Creek Turf To Grow Celebration Bermudagrass

Charleston, S.C.– Pike Creek Turf, which specializes in golf course installation, announces it is now a licensed producer of Celebration Bermudagrass. Pike Creek’s desire to acquire a license to grow and sell Celebration stems from the performance of the grass in university studies and in real-world applications—it has finished best in research studies looking at drought resistance and recovery, wear tolerance, divot-injury recovery and shade tolerance. Celebration has been used by Nicklaus Design and other firms for golf course development. Most recently, it made the jump to the National Football League when it was installed at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For more information, visit, or call (229) 896-7581.


Heartstrings Turn On The Waterworks


I have to say that you are the best writer. I just finished reading your article in this month’s PRB (February 2009) and I am going straight home to call my parents (will probably just call them on my way home). Although I do talk with them many times a week–you make me feel guilty.

Nancy Martin


Visitor Services

Lake Metroparks

———————————- —————————- ———————————–

In typing this, I have learned that it is much harder to type though weepy eyes. I have not been blessed with the gift of words as you have. I will sum up my thoughts regarding the February article as simply as I can–your best ever!

With all my regards,

Garry Thasho

Sr. Program Manager

———————————- ——————————- ——————————-

Where do I start? Wow. Your best column to date; made me do a lot of reflecting. What a fitting tribute to your dad; made me think a lot about my own. Keep the faith, brother, you’re the best!

Richard McCaffrey

Plano Texas

————————————– ———————————– ————————————

Way to make me cry at work. My dad died nine years ago this coming March. My six year-old asks the same question your son does and we tell him, “He would have loved and liked everything about you.” I enjoyed your article.

Thanks and very respectfully,

Robin Hillyer Miles

Millington, Tenn.

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