WhiteWater Makes Waves In Kelowna

Kelowna, Canada—H2O Adventure opened its doors in April to a variety of interactive water features including waterslides, family wave pool, river run and the FlowRider–Canada’s first-ever indoor surfing wave. The FlowRider generates a thin sheet of water that flows over a stationary wave form. The resulting ‘wave-like’ shape permits riders to slide down, carve a turn, and ride up the wave surface, emulating the maneuvers of other board sports. WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.–based in Richmond, BC–provided many of the aquatic center’s exciting attractions, including three waterslides, a family wave pool, an inner tube river run with generated waves, AquaPlay multi-level play structures and a children’s waterplay area is packed with toys, spray nozzles, jets and pull valves. For more information, visit, or


Living The Same Nightmare


Absolutely to the point! Our family scenario is so very much like the example in your article of Jackie and Bert (A Recurring Nightmare, PRB March 2009). My wife lost her job a couple of months ago; all medical and dental for our kids were through her employer. We are responsible, hard working, American citizens that have always played by the rules. Where did that get us? Since our family income has been cut by more than half and nobody is willing to hire in the now high-taxed state of California, my wife is more than happy to go to Washington and be a part of your proposal. In fact, sign me up too!

Daryl Zappe

Maintenance Superintendent

San Jose, Calif.

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Just read your article in the PRB March 2009 issue. Well written! Thank you for getting this message out. Hope it travels to the right ears.

Carol Garrison

Senior Citizen Director

Trenton, Michigan

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I agree completely. It’s frustrating to see poor policies being made by our government, and people all around me are hurting.

Melissa Loera

Accounting Clerk

Erie MetroParks

Huron, Ohio


Laughter And Tears Hit Home


I look forward to reading your stuff in PRB every month, and I’ve got your book.

The February article mentioned that your dad was from Penna (Laugh Lines And Heart Strings). Where? We are from Kittanning, about 40 miles up the Allegheny from Pittsburgh.

Keep up the good work!

Bob Lorenzetti

Fairborn Parks & Rec Advisory Board volunteer

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Hi Ron,

I read your article last month (PRB February 2009). Brother, I have to say you are probably the best conveyor of the word that I have read. Once again you evoke some emotion that as a guy I usually do a good job keeping below the surface.

Bob Martin

Director of Parks, Recreation & Public Facilities

Mentor, Ohio


Readers Stay On Top Of Risk

Mr. Panza,

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