Atlanta, Ga.–Salesian High School in Richmond, Calif. was named the grand-prize winner of the Search for the Real Field of Dreams contest held by the Synthetic Turf Council. The national contest searched for the high school with the most compelling story behind its synthetic turf field. Although nearly 70 percent of the students are involved in athletics, the conditions of their grass field were so poor that the soccer and football teams were on a three-year notice to be shut down. That all changed when the school raised funds to install a synthetic turf field. Unveiled for the varsity football Homecoming game in 2007, nearly 1,000 fans packed the stands as Salesian defeated its opponent 40-37. Salesian High School was one of ten selected by an independent panel of judges as winners. For more information, visit


NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers Choose Celebration Bermudagrass

Charleston, S.C.–The playing surface at Raymond James Stadium will now be covered by an improved bermudagrass variety known as Celebration. The new turfgrass was installed in March by Quality Turf L.C., of Lithia, Florida. Sod Solutions—which developed the turfgrass—claims Celebration is gaining in popularity because of its rapid recovery characteristics and its low-surface hardness, which directly correlates with incidence of player injury. Another feature is that it uses 50 percent less nitrogen than other bermudagrass varieties, which makes it more Earth friendly, the company adds. For more information, call (843) 849-1288, or visit


Roadshow Still Inspiring Others

Dear Randy,

I am the District Park Supervisor with Gaston County Parks and Recreation in North Carolina. I just started in this position roughly a month ago. My director left your article on my desk saying that she really wants to start a Recreation Road Show (PRB December 2008). I think your article is great and it really does pose some wonderful ideas. I was hoping that you could send me the PDF version of your Power Point Presentation so that we can start working on our own. Thanks for the great ideas. We appreciate the help.


Jennifer C. Honaker

Gaston County Parks and Rec

District Park Supervisor

——————————————– ——————– —————————–

I have finally had a chance to catch up on my PRB reading. I found your “Recreation Road Show” most intriguing. We have new faces in the city manager’s office and the potential for two new council members in May. From what I can tell, none of them understand the value of what we in parks and recreation can offer. Would you be so kind as to forward your presentation? Thank you.

Kristie Weaver

Recreation Supervisor

City of Weatherford

———————————– —————————- ————————————

Mr. Gaddo,

I recently read an article in PRB where you described a presentation that you developed to explain what your department does for the community. We are constantly trying to find new ways of telling our story in Arlington, Texas and I would love to have a copy of your presentation if you have time to share.


Matt Young, Assistant Director

Park Operations and Planning

Arlington, Texas

—————————————— ————————– ——————————–

Dear Mr. Gaddo,

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