Readers Gladly Shoulder The Blame


Just read your column “Put the Blame on Me” (PRB April 2009). Excellent. You are echoing so many of my own sentiments that I had to wonder how and why until I reached the end. Now I know: You said the President is the same age as yourself. Obama was born in August; I was born in November. That makes it three-for-three. One of my early memories is seeing the Chicago riots on television–it tends to color the way I see things. I remember vividly the wonder of watching a rocket head for the moon–with people on board. Shared experiences, I suppose. Your message is important and to the mark. When the detractors start to whine, know that at least one of us is in your corner. You’ve just made a friend.

James Glover, Program Coordinator

Brazoria County Parks Department

Angleton, Texas

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Thank you for helping us to look forward and admit our mistakes. A co-worker shared your April article with me stating she loves to read your articles (Put The Blame On Me, PRB April 2009).

Kate Peterman


West Bend, Wis.


Reader Stands Up For The S.A.K.E. Of Youth Sports

Dear Mr. Engh,

I enjoy reading your monthly column in PRB. I think you share many important thoughts and valid opinions about youth sports and their importance in the development of our children. The NAYS Web site and organization is a valuable resource to many agencies nationwide, including ours here in South Florida at the City of Lauderhill.

I just wanted to share with you a programming success story we were able to accomplish here in the last year. The program was called the S.A.K.E. Awards, which stands for Sports Advancing Kids Education.

We used the awards ceremony to honor all of the highest achieving youth sports participants and volunteers in certain areas by defined criteria.

These areas included sportsmanship, volunteer of the year, leadership, coach of the year, team of the year, community service and scholar athlete of the year.

Thank you for your continued insight in the monthly column. As I said, the work that you have put in, as well as NAYS as an organization, continues to be an asset to those of us in the field who believe in many of the same principles.

Best regards,

Brian Picinic

City of Lauderhill

Parks and Leisure Services

Recreation Supervisor


Repower Pledges “Guaranteed Safe Arrival”

Eugene, Ore.—Repower Specialists, Ltd. announces their “Guaranteed Safe Arrival” policy, which means that if a product is damaged, they will fix it. If–in your opinion–it is appropriate to send replacement parts, such as an air cleaner or shroud, they will air freight it to you. If you don’t want to deal with it on site, they will send a new engine via FedEx Ground and have the damaged engine picked up at their expense. In either case, they deal with the carrier. The company feels that when you place an order for a new replacement Vanguard, Kohler, Honda, or Kawasaki engine or an engine with a retrofit kit, the job isn’t complete until you have that engine in pristine condition at your facility. For more information, call (800) 700-9501.


Some Rules On How To Play It Safe

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