Survey Stirs Interest In Liability

We found your article on risk and the liability survey very interesting (“Let’s Keep Looking At Risk,” PRB June).

This is very much on target with issues we are currently working in providing liability insurance within our program, Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being and Recreation for active-duty and family members.

We would be most interested in hearing about your evaluation and report on the findings once you have received input on the survey.


Robert Davis

MWR Specialist, Community Services Command


Mind Your Prose And Q’s


Great article on: Polishing Prose (PRB July). There are some concepts/thoughts that are difficult to put into words. Then the “receiver” of those words utilizes their own perspectives, background, prejudices and mentality to interpret what they mean to them.

This is what gets us into trouble.

Chuck Proulx, CPRP

Parks & Recreation Director

Port St. Lucie, Fla.


UT Partners with AstroTurf on Research Center

Knoxville, Tenn.–The University of Tennessee has partnered with AstroTurf to create the Center for Safer Athletic Fields, which will compare natural grass playing surfaces to synthetic surfaces.

Located at the UT Institute of Agriculture’s East Tennessee Research and Education Center in Knoxville, the new turfgrass center’s geographic location will enable scientists to conduct research on a variety of surfaces from both cool- and warm-season climates. The outdoor research facility will comprise 60 small-scale athletic research fields constructed from a variety of playing surfaces. Field qualities will range from those employed for professional–level sports to surfaces used by schools, public parks and recreation fields. Natural surfaces will be planted with bermudagrass, Kentucky bluegrass and others. Both mechanical and human studies will be performed to create “real play” conditions.

Construction of the Center will take six to eight weeks with ground breaking to take place this summer or early fall.

For more information, visit


Little Tikes Commercial Wins Bid For NJPA

Farmington, Mo.–PlayPower LT Farmington, Inc. which produces the commercial playground equipment brand, Little Tikes Commercial, has been awarded a national contract with National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), a municipal contracting agency which serves all education, government and non-profit agencies. Under the contract, the Little Tikes Commercial brand of products will become the exclusive supplier of playground and recreation-related equipment, accessories and supplies to NJPA members. Their products meet ASTM, US Consumer Product Safety Commission and other safety standards. For more information, contact Gordy Thompson, contract manager, at (218) 894-5489 or


Pettmitt Changes Name To Petmitten

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