Landscape Structures Inc. has become a corporate sponsor of Autism Speaks. As part of the initiative, the company will make a donation to support the research and advocacy programs of Autism Speaks, participate in 11 Walk Now for Autism Speaks events, and promote awareness of autism spectrum disorders.

K&K Insurance Group, Inc. has reduced rates by up to 60 percent for certain amateur sports tournaments and events. The program is available for U.S.-based amateur sports events with up to 2,500 participants or 7,500 spectators. For more information, visit


10 Cleaning Tips … For Vacuum Cleaners

Chicago, Ill.–The following list, prepared by Jolynn Kennedy, marketing manager for Tornado Industries, offers advice to keep vacuums in tip-top shape year-round:

1. Change the filter bag when it is half-full to improve the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

2. Remove, inspect, and clean the brush roll (beater bar). If there are signs of wear, replace it. Remove hair, lint and other items entangled on the roll.

3. Unscrew the cap on either end of the brush roll (if applicable) and remove any debris inside.

4. Make sure the brush roll spins freely. If not, lubricate the bearings if possible.

5. Check the belt for signs of wear–it should be taut. Typically, the belt should last about six months in commercial cleaning.

6. Remove any debris that may have accumulated in the machine’s air passages.

7. With the brush roll removed, look for cracks, unevenness, or worn spots on the interior casing of the vacuum cleaner. These could be signs of problems down the road.

8. Clean or replace filters, including HEPA filters, per manufacturers’ recommendations.

9. Wipe the outer casing of the vacuum cleaner; this helps prevent dust and contaminants from becoming airborne and clean equipment looks more professional.

10. Inspect cords and plugs. Some jansan service departments report repairing/replacing cords and plugs as the number one vacuum cleaner repair problem.

“A final tip is to have the vacuum cleaner checked every year,” says Kennedy. “This [can] prevent a small issue from becoming a big problem.”




23-26 The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) Annual Snow & Ice Symposium, Providence, R.I.–Rhode Island Convention Center;


30-3 Florida Recreation and Park Association, Orlando, Fl.—Caribe Royale Resort;

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