This Just In: Enough!

I have to tell you, I am getting pretty tired of this constant flood of “news” that takes celebrities–and every utterance they make–and turns them into “breaking stories.” This is yellow journalism at its best. I think even William Randolph Hearst, the father of the “man bites dog” style of reporting, would be a little overwhelmed by some of this garbage. In the days preceding the Super Bowl, New England quarterback Tom Brady stepped to the microphone at a pep …


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5 comments on “This Just In: Enough!

  1. Bernie Rangel on said:

    You’ve put my thoughts in your writings. Thank you reminding us what matters in LIFE.

  2. Dan Downey on said:

    Turn off the T.V – Go take your kids to the Playground.

  3. Karen Green on said:

    I would be overjoyed if the media went back to printing true, well researched and documented news. The days of verification by “three independent sources” are long gone and rumor and innuendo prevail. How I miss Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, Ed Bradley and others who reported what they witnessed without inserting opinions, unless it was an editorial piece.

    Most “newsmakers” now are unworthy of print. Good deeds are relegated to the back of a paper with an inch of coverage. An untalented person who “bares all/tells all” makes the headlines for “skin” or “sin”.

    I am weary of all of the articles and sound bytes blaming the President for every woe. Have we all become so cynical that we believe that he acted alone in creating a crisis? What about the House and the Senate who voted for bailouts, etc. ? Yet, when the criticisms come, he is held accountable.

    We have fallen into a trap and are being held there by these “spin doctors”. When they report that one person finished as a “strong second” and the former frontrunner “next to last” – before you spread the news, check the facts. How many were actually in the race? If there were only 2 candidates, finishing first is “next to last”.

    Turn off the televison. Read a book. Take a walk. Talk to people and honestly listen. Knowledge is power. Be awed by the wonderments that surround you. Share memories and moments. If something hurts you, tell the offender and give him or her an opportunity to explain and apologize. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. If you have to pause and think of a justification, maybe it isn’t such a great idea.

    Play hard, honest and fair.

    Now, enjoy your day, your way.

  4. Had a great weekend skiing with the kids. Sorry, Brad & Angelina…Your names never came up.

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