There Will Be An App For That!

Imagine you pull out your phone or tablet in a strange town, click an icon and immediately see the five parks and/or recreation facilities nearest where you’re currently standing.

Now, imagine clicking through to one of those parks and viewing all its amenities, customer comments, ratings, pictures, videos, driving directions and more.

Thanks to PRB (Parks & Rec Business) magazine and — that vision will soon be a reality. And, we want you to be part of it — for FREE!

If you want your parks and facilities to be included in the database and the mobile application — simply log in to your Insider account (or call 866-444-4216 to get one) and create a FREE listing for each one of your parks/facilities.

If you want to add your logo to all your listings — for FREE — simply email a copy of it and the name of your Insider account and we’ll attach it for you.

Don’t have time to do this right now? Have too many parks/facilities to load by hand?

Then, email an Excel (.xls), .csv or .txt file containing all your parks/facilities (include: Park Name, Park Contact, Park Address, and Park Amenities) and we’ll create your listings for you.

We’ll notify you via email when your listings go live, so you can log in and edit/update them however you see fit.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email because I don’t want anything to stand in the way of you being included in the next “Big Thing!”


Rodney J. Auth


866-444-4216 – Toll Free

330-721-9126 – Direct

330-723-6598 – Fax

P.S. Check out to see which agencies are already on board!

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