The Thing About “Things” in the Attic

I was in the bait store recently getting some live eels so a friend and I could hit the Broad River to fish for the elusive (and possibly mythical) fish called Cobia when I overheard two middle-aged ladies behind the counter talking: “Yeah, this weekend I have to get up into the attic and do some spring cleaning,” one said. The other lady replied, “What’s up there?” The first lady gave that a moment or three of thought and then …


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2 comments on “The Thing About “Things” in the Attic

  1. John Kennedy on said:

    It makes me laugh and shake my head a little when I drive down the street and see the cars parked in the driveway, all three of the garage doors up and there are maybe little paths, but otherwise these spaces are full to the gills. We are such collectors of “things” in this country.

  2. Bonnie in Seattle on said:

    Attics are as bad as crawl spaces and storage units. Attics are feminine and crawl spaces are masculine. Women don’t want to get in a crawl space. Eeeewwwww and creepy. So what better place for a man to store HIS “things”…car parts, the lawnmower if it fits, wood, garage sale signs, and strange other things. Attics are functional for things women want to store, usually neatly…Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July decorations; the items to pass down to childen (goodness, give these to them NOW and make them store it)! Storage units are end-alls for the out-of-sight, out-of-mind things that once in there, forget it. Why do we continue to accumulate? If we are baby boomers, we are from depression era parents who saved EVERYTHING, including rubber bands and twist ties for Baggies, nails and screws, and drinking straws, oh yes, wrapping paper, ironed of course. Don’t expect to sell any of these things, no one wants them and no one will pay for them. You won’t even be able to give things away for free. If you close out the storage unit, think about having that much more money available to you monthly!

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