The Silent Majority

Ty’s story and the others shown in Bully are heart-wrenching profiles, but more than that they allow the victims’ parents the opportunity to be sure their child’s suffering was not in vain. 

Talk To Your Children

The optimistic premise, “When something is wrong, there should always be a solution,” is probably rooted in the American desire to do what’s best for our children. If I have learned anything from raising children, it’s that we can never love them too much, unless we become unreasonably obsessive or attached. But if we “have their back” and teach them to be capable and humble, they will grow up trusting in the strength and support of family, and eventually strike out on their own with confidence. With that commitment, there are few problems that cannot be overcome with time and understanding. 

My 15-year-old and I went to see Bully, and I watched his face as some of the more heart-breaking scenes played out. On the way home, he and I discussed some of the similar challenges he faced only a few years ago before he became six feet tall and had developed some confidence. The memories were painful. He said the key for his getting through that rough time was that he always felt there was no problem too big to bring home; the willingness to listen that my wife and I showed during those times allowed him to think things through and find the best solutions. “I just remember thinking when I got home, we would find a way to work it out,” he told me. “It seems when you can just talk it out honestly, without being judged, eventually you find answers.” 

I’m proud to say my son Sam belongs to an anti-bullying group at his school, and he takes his role as “ambassador” very seriously. 

I am reminded of the line from the original Karate Kid movie series when Mr. Miyagi is complimented by his life-long friend about his young protégé: “Your student becomes my teacher.” 

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