The Silent Majority

Earlier this month, a South Carolina high school valedictorian stepped up to the microphone to make his speech. He’d discussed his proposed remarks with school officials and they had approved what he told them he was going to say. When his moment arrived, he visibly ripped his prepared remarks to shreds and began to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Days later, a Joshua High School valedictorian from Texas got his moment as well. He’s been accepted into the naval academy and …


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2 comments on “The Silent Majority

  1. Renee' on said:

    God Bless America!

  2. billy moore on said:

    Freedom of speech is getting to be a dicey thing. If a celebrity says something media will often take it out of context and blast the celeb unmercifully. If someone in authority says something there are people who will change the meaning of what was said to bash the person of authority. We can publicly denounce religion but can’t publicly profess religious beliefs. Americans are often looking to be offended. They don’t have a better cause, so let’s beat this person up for what they said. 1st off let’s lighten up. Just because I don’t agree with something you say doesn’t mean you can’t say it. Then even if someone says something stupid, hey it happens. People say stupid things all the time. That is all it is, an ignorant moment where there was a mouth that spoke before real thought process took place. It is not a crime. Sometimes it seems that people are judged harsher for what they say than what they do.

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