The Shifting Sands

Depending on the scope of the work, a variety of specialty companies can be hired to provide the best experience leading to the final product. Builders not only can translate the vision of the designer, but also can provide the expertise to identify problems and adjust to challenges presented in the construction process.

For example, no conceptual design can identify an error such as in topographical mapping, which may not allow for the percentage slope drainage to effectively shed a large rain event, or a rock layer in the soil profile that is exposed in the center of a fairway cut.

This is a new concept for many in the industry–smaller renovations rather than full-scale builds. But the goal remains the same: to provide high-quality course construction that wows customers, and keeps the game of golf thriving for the next 40 years.

Justin Apel is the executive director of the Golf Course Builders Association of America. He can be reached at

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