The Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary people are typically sporadic in their exercise routines. Accept that they need to build up a habit and that the process is entirely up to them. No one can change a lifestyle by imposing change. While encouragement helps, the choice is ultimately up to the individual to build on an exercise routine or limit it to strictly walking three times a week. Running or weight-lifting may not be in the future, but the key is to be healthier–not competitive.

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One comment on “The Sedentary Lifestyle

  1. Signature Sports Flooring on said:

    Good tips here. But I’d like to add a 6th point — manage expectations. I bet that person who you made all sore after a leg workout would have been more likely to come back if you warned them that they would be very sore after your punishing workout. Explaining how that is just a bi-product of micro-tears and swelling of the muscle tissues could have had them coming back for more!

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