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Products and prices: Empex’s latest line is Aquatons — spray features with “limitless” variations. Interactive Watertoys include Waterbikes, Watertotters, Watershooters, Splashing Treefrogs, Tippin Toucans, Squirtin’ Frogs & Whales, Kidspumpz, Jungle Jetz, Funny Fish, Butterfly Splash, Baby Bungee and Groundjetz. Contact company for pricing.

Product features: Aquatons and interactive Watertoys are created from composite and specialty plastics offering a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. Shapes are round with no sharp edges, protrusions or entanglement hazards and are ergonomically designed for children of all ages up to 12. Much lighter than steel, Empex products are “contractor friendly” with no complicated embedded anchors or complex foundations. Flange covers are provided on all products to eliminate exposed fasteners.

Designed for outdoor use, indoor use, or both: Both.

Design services offered: Empex offers complimentary design layouts and budget pricing for any size facility large or small with no obligation.

Software offered: Drawings and technical details are available upon request in AUTOCAD and PDF format to assist in design, specification and installation. The Empex 3D Web site offers detailed descriptions of all products available.

Mechanical requirements for installation: Water availability and mechanical requirements vary with each installation. Waterbikes, Watertotters, Watershooters, Squirtin’ Frogs & Whales and Kidspumpz all have their own pumps and do not require a piped-in waterfeed. Six to eight inches of water is all that is required for operation.

Physical requirements for installation: A concrete slab, level or sloped is required for securing the products. Many products have their own pumps and can be retrofitted into existing shallow pools.

Type of surfacing: Surfacing varies with each installation, depending on water depths. Non-slip EPDM rubber surfaces are available for Spraypark applications and deck areas around pools to minimize fall hazards and to create graphic designs.

Minimum age/height requirements: None.

Warranty policy: Empex offers a life time warranty against rust and a two year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Contact information: Empex Watertoys, 591 Albright Rd., Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada L9P 1R4, (905) 649-5047, (905) 649-1757 (fax),,



Products and prices: GTH20, ground-level aquatic activities. Components can be configured to meet a variety of budget/price points.

Product Features: Flush-mounted jet inserts; above-ground anchoring components constructed of non-corrosive material; removable base design for winterization, repair or reconfiguration; integrated pressure regulator with the manifold; stainless steel construction; brass spray jets; U.L.-listed programmable control system; various shapes and activities.

Designed for outdoor use, indoor use, or both: Designed for outdoor use only.

Design services offered: Local representative can visit the site to help design to fit budgetary and community needs. There are six types of kits and a variety of individual components available.

Software offered: GT Design tools offers top view and 3D renderings using your CAD program.

Mechanical requirements for installation: Must meet city and local codes for electricity and water. Certified electricians and plumbers required for site work. Available for installation with either city water or recyclable water systems.

Physical requirements for installation: Must be installed over a concrete pad and properly graded for drainage.

Type of surfacing: Brushed concrete, roll-on deck-type coating or poured-in-place rubber surfacing installed over a concrete pad.

Minimum age/height requirements: None.

Warranty policy: One-year limited warranty.

Contact information: GameTime, 150 GameTime Drive, Ft. Payne, AL 35967, (800) 235-2440,,


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