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The first annual Parks & Rec Business Zero-Depth Interactive Aquatics Playground Report.

Last month we sent out surveys to companies who provide zero-depth interactive aquatics playground equipment to parks and recreation professionals.

These features are becoming increasingly popular, and are finding great success at various parks and recreation facilities around the nation.

What you’ll find is a breakdown of each company’s offerings into products and prices, product features, whether the products are designed for indoor or outdoor use or both, design services offered, software offered, mechanical and physical installation requirements, type of surfacing, minimum age/height requirements, warranty policies and contact information.

We’ll publish an annual update each year to keep you informed of changes and upgrades. Your input is valuable and we invite you to let us know if there’s any other information we can help provide.

Aquatic Recreation Company

Products and prices: Aquatic Recreation Company designs and manufactures water play equipment for zero-depth entry spray grounds. Most-above ground water play features can be installed in maximum depth of zero depth entry pool complete with interactive flow control valves. Ground Sprays are designed for areas with no standing water to limited water depths. Contact the company for pricing.

Product features: ARC above-ground Standard, Signature and Multi-Play System structures are manufactured of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic material with UV inhibitors and chlorine resistance. Interactive flow control valves are optional for the standard structures. Signature structures have been designed for direct interaction by users to create unique water formations. Multi-Play water structures are a way to combine Standard and Signature structures. These systems come with interactive flow control valves and colorful banners.

Multi-Play Systems can be a centerpiece for a zero depth entry pool or a stand-alone water play element. Multi-Play systems have been designed with internal distribution manifolds that minimize underground plumbing. Patrons can interact with multiple spray displays by plugging individual sprays, causing remaining sprays to shoot higher. ARC ground sprays are designed to be self draining and are provided with plugs for easy winterization.

Designed for outdoor use, indoor use, or both: Both.

Design services offered: ARC provides free Splash Pad layouts. These concepts help visualize overall appearance, space usage, splash zones, and age-appropriate areas. In addition, ARC provides overall project data, and total project budgeting information to aid in design direction and scope of project.

Software offered: Equipment specifications and drawings are available on the Web site at A Design and Engineering CD is available from local ARC representatives or direct through ARC.

Mechanical requirements for installation: All features have Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals available for instruction in the mechanical installation of the features. All above ground features are flange mounted and all ground sprays are inbed in concrete.

Physical requirements for installation: Each feature requires a minimum splash zone along with overall height and width requirements. All features must be plumb in accordance with specific Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual recommendations. A thickened slab is required for all features.

Type of surfacing: Typical zero depth entry surfacing is sufficient for water features.

Minimum age/height requirements: Zero depth entry pools can be designed for minimum age and height appropriateness.

Warranty policy: Please consult ARC for warranty for above ground equipment and spray ground equipment and operating systems.

Contact information: Aquatic Recreation Company, 5810 Baker Road, Suite 125, Minnetonka, MN 55345-5903, (877) 632-0503, (952) 345-6445, (952) 345-6444 (fax),,


Empex Watertoys

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