The Root Of The Issue

ยท Invest in an irrigation system. You will actually save money over its lifecycle. Manually providing water is labor-intensive and puts fields through the stress of the summer heat and increased wear and tear. However, irrigation at the optimal time before dawn (thank goodness these systems have automatic timers) will relieve some of the pressure. Additionally, most applications of fertilizers and broad leaf weed control will be more effective when irrigation follows.

One other suggestion that ties together all these strategies is to think about attending seminars on turf management. Check out a local college or university agronomy department to find how to attend a workshop at little or no cost. That might just be the best investment in the safety and quality of athletic fields.

Susan Langlois has over 25 years experience as a college professor, athletic administrator, camp director and sports facilities consultant. She is currently the campus director at Springfield College School of Human Services in Manchester and St. Johnsbury, N.H. She can be reached at

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