The Obligation of Assimilation

I remember when Egypt was only a place I saw on a Popeye cartoon as a kid. We were taught a little about it in history classes as I got older. The Sphinx was there and of course, the pyramids. There was always some reference made to the robotic-looking poses shown in Egyptian hieroglyphics. In high school, we laughed along with Steve Martin and his comical King Tut parody (“He could have won a Grammy. Funky Tut. Buried in his …


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4 comments on “The Obligation of Assimilation

  1. Gloria De La Cruz-Sandoval on said:

    Well said, well said. I too believe being here is just not enough. It’s what we do with the privilege afforded us by those who walked before us. I am an American, of Mexican, Spanish and Indian descent who stands proudly saying; “My country tis’ of thee….One Nation under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.” My Parents and Grandparetns taught me this.

  2. johnny davis on said:

    I think this is a wonderful article. I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! I would not want to live in any other nation. Land of the free, home of the brave. It is ok to agree to disagree on matters, this is what makes America great. Its high time for all to take personal accountability for their actions. Quit counting on entitlements and bailouts, get out and make things happen. God, country, and family. We began with one nation under God and at the moment are trying to push him out of every aspect, but in the end, we will end one nation under God.

  3. Ed Farnan on said:

    Well written…We will not know what is going to emerge from Egypt until the process is complete. What disturbs me is that there is another rally today in Tahir Square. The main speaker is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, the really only organized political faction in Egypt. We could have an Islamic Caliphate come into being, armed with the most advanced weapons America could supply…..But anyone who has been to Egypt could pretty much tell the place was close to a crisis. Thousands of unemployed young men loitering everywhere with nothing but time on their hands, something like this was bound to happen.

  4. Jim Henderson on said:

    I could not agree more. I am proud but more so thankful to be an American. I would ask also if any other nation would acquiesce to
    the language of another country as we have. The King’s English is
    fading fast.

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