The Mitigation Connection

Projects that applied were in the landfill’s multiple-county service area and had to provide a substantial community benefit, or benefit to human health and the environment. Ohio had a formal Request for Proposals process that was evaluated by a review panel created specifically for the process. Mitigation projects were awarded for a five-year period, funded from a portion of the fines accessed of the private landfill.

In general, in order to apply for mitigation opportunities, send a letter to your local environmental protection agency division of compliance or enforcement, and let them know of your interest.

Successful applicants communicate their project needs most effectively to state agencies prior to enforcement cases being decided in order to receive funding. In other words, successful mitigation projects occur when the enforcement agency staff knows about projects prior to enforcement actions.

As grant funds become increasingly competitive, consider mitigation as a means to access funds in your community for parks and recreation projects.

Betsy Bowe is grants and regulatory affairs manager for Environmental Design Group Inc., Akron, Ohio.

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