The Lighter Side Of Life

We humans can be pretty serious about life. And, let’s face it, there are many things about which to be serious. But I think most people will agree that no matter how serious life gets, a good laugh will make you remember there is definitely a lighter side of life that needs to be kept at the surface as much as possible. So for today’s Week-Ender, I thought it might be fun for PRB readers to share some of the …


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3 comments on “The Lighter Side Of Life

  1. Barb Burkholder on said:

    This is a true story that my older brother, a priest, relayed to me. He was holding a Bible Study at the home of one of his parishioners. It was a women’s Bible Study group. One of the women forgot her pen and note pad, so the hostess called to her young daughter and asked her to bring her a pad and pen. The little girl returned with a Kotex pad and a pen. She looked at her Mother and asked, “Why do you need one of these for Bible Study?” My brother said that they all laughed so hard that it took around 5 minutes for everyone to calm down due to the hysterical laughing going on. The mother was so embarrassed, but she also found the humor. I am sure that this family still to this day talks about this funny evening with the little child.

  2. Billy Moore on said:

    Being it is near Christmas I remember the time when I was about 15 ( way too many years ago), and my sister and her husband were flying home from St. Louis for Christmas. My Mother, Father, brother and I headed up to the Washington DC Airport. It was snowing like crazy and we all were worried they were not going to let my sister Jackie’s plane land. We hung around that airport for several hours as the flight was very delayed. My dad was getting grumpy and ticked off and was worried. His temper was getting a little short. He finally went upstairs and sat in a chair. My brother Dan, my mom and myself headed upstairs to ask him if he wanted to get something to eat. As we headed up stairs we were looking out through the windows onto the roof. The snow was going crazy. When you looked out on the roof you could see my dad’s reflection of him sitting in the chair smoking a cigar with this disgusted look on his face. At this point my mom very loudly so everyone could hear said “What in the h#&* is your daddy doing sitting out on the roof in the snow. Has he lost his ever loving mind. My brother and I lost it. We were falling down laughing. My dad heard her and started laughing. All of the people around us started chuckling. Then when my mom realized what was going on she started laughing. We all sat down and laughed until we cried. I know everyone thought we were crazy. It did make everyone a little less tense. My sister and brother in law arrived safely shortly after. We slowly navigated back to Richmond. There wasn’t a Christmas for the rest of my mom’s life that this night did not get talked about. We all always got a laugh out of retelling that story.

    • Billy and Barb, both great stories, I am LingOL! That’s the beautiful thing about really hilarious incidents…you remember them forever and they become family treasures. Thanks for sharing…

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