The Last One

So as this holiday unfolds, be sure your kids are getting plenty of stories from Grandma and Grandpa. Haul out the old photo albums, not the ones that have been loaded to DVD or the ones that are online–the ones that you turn the pages and old flower petals and theatrical programs fall out.

And what about you? Have you told your kids stories about your life? Your fears? Your trials and failures? They need that history. They need to build their own foundation of stories as their home base and touchstone of “Things That Made Me Who I AM.”

If we don’t preserve what was, how will we ever expect them to modify and challenge what is or what is about to be? So easy for us to talk about the new generation going to hell in a handbasket, isn’t it? Well my friends, what are we doing to prevent it?

Thanksgiving seems an appropriate time of year to set a trend such as this. Wishing you the best.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at

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2 comments on “The Last One

  1. Barb Burkholder on said:

    Wow, another heartwarming story from my favorite writer. Your son sounds like a great, upstanding young man. Loved the sentiment. Keep him close to your heart. Believe it or not, he will find his way in this crazy world we live in, cyberspace and all! I have one of those fabulous sons too. He makes me smile.

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