The Grumpy Man’s New Rules

I think I have crossed a certain line in my battle with aging. My kids keep saying things like, “Geez, Pop, you sound really old.” I smile knowingly, dismiss their petty input, and rationalize it away with, “What do kids know?” But then the other day I put a few of my complaints down in writing, and as I glanced over the list I thought, “They may be right” – I may be on my way to “grumpy old man.” …


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4 comments on “The Grumpy Man’s New Rules

  1. Nancy Sadowy on said:

    Thank you so much for that…I haven’t laughed that loud nor that hard since…wow forEVER!

    • armywife on said:

      Looks like I’m in seniorville with you I guess….but, you left out restaurant menu print size, loud “background music” on radio commericals, microparticle sized remote control buttons and people who ignore the “left lane is for passing rule” on the interstate!

  2. billy moore on said:

    Amen, Ron. Especially the products below the waist. I really have hated trying to explain to my kids E.D. and feminine itch.

  3. Ann Hendeson on said:

    Ron, Thank you for telling it like it is and saying the things in print the rest of us mumble under our breath. I was on a busy Interstate Wednesday and nearly every car in the passing lane that I had to go around in the right hand lane, had a driver texting or dialing a phone at the wheel.

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