The Gateway To Adulthood

I was doing historical research for another column I’ve been working on when I came across an anonymous statement that gave me pause: “People either participated in the 1980s or sat back and watched. Those that engaged it seemed to be trying to recreate the 1950s.”  I was 20 at the very beginning of that era, in 1980. At the threshold to my future, I felt really good about what I was doing, and how I was going about it. …


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One comment on “The Gateway To Adulthood

  1. Bob Lorenzetti on said:

    I enjoyed “The Gateway to Adulthood” as I enjoy all of your columns. And, I agree with your points. But, lets not get too codgerish here. Example #1: I know a nice young lady, one of whose boyfriends met the physical description of your daughter’s ‘hot’ guy. One day, when I was loading a bunch of stuff into my wagon, they both came and politely offered to help. Example #2: We went to a renaissance fair where the teen boy pushing the merry-go-round had ‘the look’ which any parent of a teen knows all too well. He also sported nipple rings. So here comes a little blonde girl to ride. He was so careful and attentive as he put her in the seat and fastened her in for a safe ride that he blew his cover. Nice try guys, but the younger generation really is NOT going to you-know-where in a hand basket.

    Bob L.
    Background: I’m from Kittanning, PA, and older than you, probably by 10+ years.

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