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Springton Manor’s Great Barn and Agricultural Museum will be open to tour and learn about seasonal tools and apparatus used on Chester County farms from the 1700s to the 1900s.

At noon, watch the FiddleKicks Appalachian Cloggers perform on stage, then participate in a dance workshop.

Don’t be sheepish about building a program around your community’s strengths. Photo courtesy of Chester County Parks

The Kids Corner will provide demonstrations including:

11 a.m.–Butter Churning

12 p.m.–Fibers

1 p.m.–Cider Pressing

2 p.m.–Corn Shelling

–Chester County, Penn.

Dog Frisbee Contest

Come join the fun and see how well your dog can catch a Frisbee. Event to be held at Young’s Pond located on Route 146. Pre-registration is required. This event is free. When the contest is over, consider staying and rewarding your special furry friend by participating in the “Dog” Bone Hunt!

–Town of Branford, Conn.

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