The Anatomy Of A New Park

Functionality was a key. For example, the amphitheater stage had to be large enough to hold the high school band for summer concerts, and also provide a cozy feeling if there were only four performers. However, the most important concept was the idea of multi-use


spaces. For this reason, paver areas were to widen existing sidewalks to allow both vendors and pedestrians plenty of room during the farmer’s markets. On a different day, that same space could be used for tables and chairs for the Out to Lunch gatherings. For this event, local restaurants could set up tents or food trucks so people could enjoy an outside lunch while listening to music from a local band. The parking area on the perimeter of the park was also to be used for this event.

To make the park even more multi-functional, the large green space was separated from the paver walkways through berms and stone seat walls, allowing various activities to take place on the walkways while creating a separation for students to still use the park during recess.

After several revisions, a combination of the rectilinear and curvilinear concepts was accepted. In the end, the park design had a strong context, an inviting entrance, an amphitheater, plenty of seating, multi-use spaces, a fountain, and open green space. As the park design neared completion, the economy began to tumble and the village experienced a change in leadership. Although the park is yet to be built, there is still a strong need for this additional area to help relieve the use of AdlerPark and to add a fresh new venue for its residents.

Aaron Zych is a Registered Landscape Architect and Certified Arborist for ILT Vignocchi, Inc. a Landscape Architecture Design Build and Maintenance company located in the greater Chicagoland area. Reach him at

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