That’s Amore

The nurse walks over to the father, who is sitting at the bedside of his wife, holding her hand. Hours before she had just delivered their first child.

She hands him the little cleaned-up bundle that is their daughter and explains that the baby is fit and healthy but just a bit jaundiced. With a tear of joy dad rises with his baby and steps to the window and as if on cue, the clouds part and the bountiful rays of sunlight come streaming into the room. It is as if God is shining brightly on this new life, this new family and this new day full of promise.

She is basked in the health-giving light and dad asks the nurse if he can just hold her in the sunlight to regulate her condition. The nurse smiles her assurance, and the new father settles into a nearby chair ready to accomplish his first parental chore.

As the years pass, dad will tell and re-tell that story of the first time he held and nurtured his little girl and she will grow to tell the story one day to her friends and probably her husband too.

Moments such as these create the family lore that sets a tone for living a life of quality, dreams and heart.

Make Your Choice

In the room next door sits another couple. She is asleep as the delivery was rough and she is exhausted. The new father is happily staring at the television because the cable’s been out at home.

He’s pretty bored as the delivery took all night and now she’s just lying there sleeping while he’s wide awake. The nurse walks in and makes a similar announcement about the jaundiced but

healthy child.

“Are you going to put her under those lights?” the father asks. “Yes, that’s standard procedure,” the nurse responds. The mother stirs and awakens. She is handed her baby which she clutches close and hands back to the nurse. She looks to her husband. He smiles at her, “You okay?” She nods. “Well, get some sleep and they’ll bring her back later.” She rolls over, spent. He changes the channel. He’d kind of hoped for a boy. The nurse leaves with the baby.

The difference between these couples is not education, class or financial status. In fact there is no indication of which couple comes from what background. All things are held the same except for one thing; the one thing that separates us all. The one thing that people rarely recognize is missing until it is too late; until the momentum of mediocrity in their lives drives them to divorce or substance abuse or cheating or depression or simply a life without color.

It is an elusive thing, this thing, but once you allow yourself to engage its power, you’ll find it’s a thing you should never be without and you wonder how you lived so far without it. Most will recall having it in their lives at some point but few can remember when they did away with it, saw no further need for it.

It is a very simple thing, this thing and it has virtually no cost. It is the driving force in your life that enhances the moment. It is the foundation of the happiness you experience when you achieve a promotion, fall in love, or choose which puppy you will take home.

As stated, there was some of it in your life at some point. Either grandma supplied it or some teacher that saw something special in you or some member of the opposite sex created a special valentine for you or if you’re lucky enough, it comes through the person you married and started a new life with.

It is simply Romance my friends and it is the lifeblood to an existence worth living. It is, “the stuff dreams are made of.” And what is life without dreams, without romance? From where I sit, it is not even a life worth enduring.

Now don’t be fooled. Just because you notice a difference between watching an older couple get married with like their adult kids in the wedding and the “wide shot” behind the new bride and groom is really a “w i d e shot”, if you know what I mean, and there ain’t no way he’s scooping up mama for a threshold dash… and then you compare it with the wedding of a petite little lass of 21 who shyly sneaks up the aisle where her tanned 25ish husband to be takes her arm and smiles and the crowd blushes and the preacher’s face turns red when they kiss and the dad sheds a tear and all that magical looking stuff happens that doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily defined romance.

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