Tennis For Kids 10 And Under

• Rely on your own expertise. You may not be a tennis player or expert, but you are a parks and recreational professional, and as such you know the audience, the market and likely a few things about running sports and leagues. Don’t be intimidated just because it’s a sport you may be less familiar with.

• Offer informal play and competition opportunities to give kids and parents a taste. This includes short events — one to two hours — that allow kids and parents to sample the game.

• Be enthusiastic! Your audience may still view tennis as a complicated sport that needs “lessons.” Your enthusiasm for the game will help get them involved. And once their kids try a game that is appropriately sized for them, they will be hooked!

• Make efficient use of space — hold programs in parking lots or on outdoor basketball courts using simple pop-up nets and chalk/throw-down lines.

For more information or to register as an official USTA Tennis in the Parks agency, visit

Eric Legg, CPRP, is a Sports Programmer with Arlington County, Virginia, where he oversees a variety of sports, including tennis. The Arlington USTA Junior Team Tennis program recently received the Virginia Recreation and Park Society Award for Best New Program, and the agency was named Parks & Recreation Agency of the Year by the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section. Legg also serves on the USTA National Committee on Tennis in the Public Parks. He can be reached via e-mail at

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