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A local senior center was named for a woman who bequeathed $1.5 million to the center for the betterment of senior adults. Part of this gift included an adult-wellness program, and more than 200 people participated in the program last summer. Between the program’s newsletter (through mail and email), and word-of-mouth from satisfied participants, the activity was well-advertised.

Partnering with hospitals and other non-profit organizations that target wellness for adults is another good option. Local hospitals in the Sacramento area often refer their patients to the city’s water-aerobics programs for those in need of physical therapy or more low-impact exercise.

Water exercise helps a variety of people—from those with disabilities to pregnant women, and adults with certain chronic medical conditions. Wounded Warriors—those men and women who have returned from war with injuries—also can benefit from the opportunity to swim and exercise.

Good, old-fashioned marketing is still alive and well for many leisure organizations, especially for the 50-plus crowd. Weaving in social media and networking is an additional way to market adult programs.

Terri Webster Matal is the Aquatics and Adult Sports Supervisor for the city of Sacramento, Calif. Reach her at TMatal@cityofsacramento.org.

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Swim Lessons For Adults

Most aquatic professionals agree that offering swim lessons to youth is the backbone of most swim programs. However, it is surprising how many established programs are missing the opportunity to offer swim lessons to adults.

Many adults are fearful of the water, which often prevents them from registering their own children for swim lessons.

When we launched our adult-swim program in 2006 at one swimming pool, interest grew exponentially to the point that we now extend offerings to three swimming pools with four 2-week sessions.

We offer two levels: a beginning level for adults who have little swimming experience or are fearful of the water, and who just want to learn the basics; and a more advanced level for adults who want to work on their strokes and techniques.

Swimming and water exercise are lifelong sports and leisure pastimes, and adults who learn in their own classes can remain healthy and active for many years.

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