Taking The Roads Less Traveled

Randy Gaddo, a retired Marine, is a regular contributor to PRB and lives in Peachtree City, Ga. Contact him at (678) 350-8642 or e-mail cwo4usmc@comcast.net.

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5 comments on “Taking The Roads Less Traveled

  1. Ron Ciancutti on said:

    Randy – I absolutely loved this piece, brother. Such a nice message. Wishing you a great weekend and many more back road adventures!

  2. Bernie Rangel on said:

    We should all do what you did and take the TIME. We’ll find the glue that keeps us together is manufactured in those small town. Thanks for sharing1

  3. Beth Mullins on said:

    One of my favorite things in life is taking the road less traveled! Exploring is the spice of life. Loved your story.

  4. Sheryl Blue on said:

    I always enjoy reading your articles. My husband, also a Marine, and I took a similar trip this summer in California. We rode a motorcycle through farmland, mountains and along the coast. We purposely did not have a schedule and spent the time in local establishments and talking to many different people. It was nice to have the opportunity to take the slower route and enjoy the scenery and the many wonders of our country.

  5. Dan Downey on said:

    Dear Randy,
    Thanks for the very nice story. I travel as a salesperson and my territory takes me through many back country roads of Northern Indiana where oftentimes the interstate is not an option. It is amazing the things you see and the different lifestyles that are considered as a normal way of life for many folks. When I am in a hurry, as most times is the case, and I am slowed down by the farm tractor in the road or even the horse and buggies that I come across, it often makes me stop and think … who has it right anyway?

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