Take Back The Game

A game that is already great really doesn’t need improving. The players in the co-ed league are having a blast. Every now and then two very good teams have an exciting 5-4 game.

Golf is having a similar problem because of technological advances. Some courses are becoming obsolete because the newly manufactured clubs can produce drives 75 yards farther. And those clubs will be outdated in two years also.

The only difference between softball and golf is you’re not hitting the ball at anybody (OK, if you see me play golf, sometimes it may appear I’m hitting the ball at someone).

My suggestion to the folks setting up softball leagues is to try a pure single-wall bat league or even a wood bat league. You will have to weed out a few cheaters and hear some complaints for a while, but then something surprising may happen. You will get more of the average players back who had dropped out. There may even be a few upsets where the next-to-last place team knocks off one of the top teams in a low-scoring game.

But you will also see more players having even more fun. Most of all, that type of play may avoid a serious injury, or even save a life.

Let’s take back the game.

Billy Moore is the athletic supervisor for Gloucester Parks, Recreation & Tourism in Virginia. He can be reached via e-mail at wmoore@gloucesterva.info.

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One comment on “Take Back The Game

  1. James A. Lawson on said:

    A few years back , we got 6 single wall bats and core balls for our Men’s Church leagues. When they change they go over and get the bats. A few weekend stars were upset, but the rest were happy and said it was more fun. We as a recreation dept. wanted to put some fun back in the game.
    This has brought back some of the older players, and made it more like slow- pitch. We still have people hit home runs,but a lot more low scoring games

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