Take A Trip to Sandwich Street

Although the driver’s expenses are covered, create an additional fund for a tip. Because ours was a faith-based group, we got away with passing an offering plate. Always budget a little extra into the price of the excursion to ensure the driver is cared for in a generous way.

Propel With The Punch

Another way of saying this is to “roll with the punches.” Understand that in planning trips and excursions, the saying “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” plays into every scheduled event.

Creating a spirit of play and childlikeness goes a long way in covering mistakes, whether they are yours or the fault of some travel brochure or website. Taking ownership of mistakes leads to forgiveness from travelers far sooner than playing the blame game.

Reflect With The Group

This particular group always had a post-trip meeting for sharing photos and reliving particular memories. As I entered the party, I noticed posters and drawings had been placed around the wall with pictures of the different sights of Sandwich Street.

What started as an oversight and error became the most memorable part of the trip. Despite all of your planning, the experiences that just happen may be what people remember most!

Enjoy your trip!

David Waddell is an instructor of Park and Recreation Management at the University of Mississippi. Reach him at 662-915-7696, or dwaddell@olemiss.edu

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