Surveying The Land

___1. Fountains are operational.

___2. Fountains are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

___3. Fountains are installed on solid surfaces and free of standing water and debris.

D. Court Covers

___1. Roofing is intact with no loose panels.

___2. Cover supports are well-painted with no major rust.

___3. All anchor nuts and bolts are present and tight.

E. Lights

___1. 90 percent of lamps for each court are operational.

___2. Timers are properly set for specific hours of operation.

___3. No electrical-conducting wires are exposed.

___4. Ballast boxes are secured (where applicable).

___5. Lighting controls are operational with operation instructions.

___6. Lights provide uniform coverage on facilities, and fixtures are adjusted to eliminate dark areas.

___7. All light fixtures are intact.

F. Signage

___1. Park identification signs are secure and in good condition.

___2. Handicap parking signs are secure and visible.

___3. Park rules signs are secure and visible.

___4. Restroom signs are secure and visible (where applicable).

___5. Signs are relatively clean, painted, and free of protrusions.

Since amenities vary from park to park, the categories, features, and standards that did not apply to a particular park were removed from the survey. However, their matching letters and numbers remained the same to correspond to those on the maintenance standards.

Knowing the number of standards for each category and the number of standards that didn’t pass allows for calculating the percentage of standards met for that category. Whenever amenities are added to a park or structures eliminated, the survey for that particular park is updated.

Conducting the surveys is time-consuming, but should be done on a routine basis. In College Station, the surveys are conducted every three months with survey summaries developed and presented to the advisory board to keep it notified of the improvements in the various parks.

This year marks the tenth anniversary in using the maintenance standards, and we just finished revising them.

Although a park will never remain as pristine as it was when it was built, maintenance standards can assist in putting its best appearance forward.

Curtis Bingham, CPSI, is the Parks Operations Superintendent for the College Station Parks and Recreation Department in Texas. He can be reached via email at

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