Stress Is What You Make of It

If I were pinned to the wall by two or three burly thugs and forced to sum up our world in one word, I’d have to say, “stressful.” I suspect that every generation from the beginning of time has probably said the same thing about their world, and maybe I’m biased because I live in the now, but I think we humans have developed stress to a new level. Just look around and it is hard to miss the signs …


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3 comments on “Stress Is What You Make of It


  2. Billy Moore on said:

    So the guy or woman who cuts me off after racing past me and flips me off, I need to relax and slow down and let them fly by me? Then when I get to work and my boss is going to completely reorganize my job to my displeasure, I will go home and pretend I got a promotion and a raise? Wow, that’s going to be stressfull trying to be good, relax and pretend the day was good. I hope I can handle it. Actually, you are right. Let it all go and think of something that makes you happy. You will feel much better. But there is no way I can pretend I got a raise. Our County hasn’t given a raise in 5 years.

  3. Nancy Sadowy on said:

    Very inspiring…one way I’ve been able to handle that jack rabbit who suddenly realizes he’s a turtle in disquise, I say to myself ,okay there’s a reason he’s slowing me down perhaps it diverted an accident, a ticket or making me slow down and realize I’m not concentrating on my drving but my day ahead. At 3am in the morning when suddenly I have that eye popping experience that the mortgage is due, the house insurance is due and all this before I leave for vacation…I say to myself…you know what these issues will be waiting for you at 6am so stop thinking, sleep and prepare to stress about in three hours.

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