Strangers Of A Feather

On a snowy January 4 in 1981 I carefully maneuvered my pickup truck down the interstate, heading back to Bowling Green State University. It was the end of winter break, and while I methodically crawled along through typical Cleveland-area squalls, I was listening to the radio as Browns quarterback Brian Sipe drove his team down the field. As I traveled closer to Bowling Green, the radio signal grew weaker and weaker until I finally lost it altogether. I approached a …


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2 comments on “Strangers Of A Feather

  1. Sue Donohue Smith on said:

    Once again, Ron hits a nail [and me] on the head. I have a number of “stranger” incidents that rise to the top of my brain cells from time to time and I recall how wonderful strangers can be to each other – feathers on the wind…

    I left the Parks and Rec field about three years ago, but stay connected through this magazine – Ron Ciancutti is a great writer who can connect the real work world together – we may be feathers Ron, but thankfully, you keep us floating together!

    Sue Donohue Smith
    former Seattle Parks & Rec employee

    • Thank you Sue. I am humbled and honored by your remarks. As a drummer in the church band I am known to sometimes take a risk or two by creating loud, dramatic, emotional transitions. When I look into the congregation at such a moment I see a mixed bag of faces that are sometimes shocked sometimes almost offended. Then I’ll see a little boy that is smiling right back at me with an ear to ear grin and I’ll think, “Ah, he gets it.” Today I learned that indeed you get it. Thank you. Simply put I believe there is passion in all things. To leave it out or skip through it …. – I mean, why bother doing it at all? Look at your Seahawks last weekend – a victory fueled by absolute intensity and passion. And what is the world talking about? Peyton Manning’s sadness. Those folks will NEVER get it. Thanks again, Sue. My best to you. R

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